Пожарогаителни системи в обществени кухни


Public kitchens pose one of the biggest fire risks. Restaurants are full of high-temperature professional equipment that often comes into contact with cooking oils and fats, all of which pose a significant fire hazard. Protecting your personnel and equipment is paramount. Fire extinguishers are not the best option because they are cumbersome and not conducive to the cooking environment, and water only makes grease fires worse. That is why a fire extinguishing system in your restaurant is the best solution.

These systems provide the safe and efficient solution your kitchen needs to quickly extinguish any fire hazard, directly at the source of most kitchen fires – the cooking surface

The main components of restaurant fire extinguishing systems

There are different fire protection systems for restaurants, but they all include the same basic components to protect your commercial kitchen in the event of a fire. Most restaurant fire alarm systems are connected to your cooking station in two key places:

  • the hood over your cooking station
  • the gas line passing through the cooking station

These two connections make up the most important components of your restaurant’s fire suppression system—the part that shuts off the fuel and the part that applies the chemical agent.

How does a restaurant fire suppression system work?

When the system is triggered, it will automatically turn off the gas valve and electrical source under the hood first, thus eliminating the fuel source of the fire. Many kitchen fires, such as grease fires, can continue to burn and spread even after the gas is turned off. That’s why restaurant fire systems have this second component – a series of nozzles mounted in the hood above the cooking station. When the system is activated, these nozzles release a wet chemical fire extinguishing agent. This agent is specially formulated to suppress grease fires and prevent them from re-igniting. Finally, the kitchen hood will also come on to help remove the smoke from the kitchen. When triggered quickly, these systems are extremely effective and can put out fires in commercial kitchens in seconds. The speed of a restaurant fire suppression system is necessary to ensure that a fire does not spread, protecting staff and equipment.

Restaurant fire alarm systems with manual activation

Restaurant fire suppression systems automatically activate when they sense heat above a certain accepted temperature. Although there is automatic activation, most systems also have a manual activation station.

Why is this necessary?

Kitchen fires, especially grease fires, are unpredictable and can spread quickly. If your commercial kitchen has a sprinkler system, but it does not activate immediately, the nozzle system may not activate until the fire begins to spread beyond the cooking surface. To prevent this from spreading, a manual activation option allows the operator to engage the extinguishing system, killing the flames quickly. This is another level of protection to ensure you keep your kitchen as safe as possible.

Solti EOOD offers a fully automatic system for extinguishing kitchen fires in restaurants with the following functions:

  • 24-hour protection is provided with automatic controls for fire detection and system activation
  • Protective chrome nozzle caps protect the nozzle from contamination and clogging with oil (which would prevent the extinguishing agent from flowing properly)
  • The nozzle caps are removed before the extinguishing agent flows and do not obstruct the flow.
  • A control head ensures safe operation of the input and output functions.
  • Fire extinguishing systems for kitchen hoods can be installed in a way that does not hinder the working process of your kitchen, thanks to the flexible configuration of the pipes
  • The manual activation system
  • The fire extinguishing agent is the most effective fire extinguishing agent in the industry. Thanks to the high pH formula, the fire is extinguished quickly and re-ignition is prevented.
  • Steel pressure cylinders are always ready to empty the fire extinguisher in case of fire
  • The pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher cylinder allows visual monitoring of the condition of the fire extinguishing system.
  • Available in different sizes. Possible changes and extensions to be made in the kitchen are taken into account when designing the system.
  •  The chemical agent is used for cleaning and filling after a fire.
  • The fire extinguishing agent has a cooling effect and prevents re-ignition