Smoke extract fants are automatic smoke extractors. Their main function is to remove smoke, fuel gases and heat from enclosed spaces (production halls, warehouses, public facilities, etc.) to the outside of buildings to protect human life and property. Solti Ltd. imports, sells and installs smoke hatches. They comply with Regulation (EU) № 305/2011, CE marked, tested and certified according to standard EN 12101-2 by a notified body and have all the necessary documents and certificates required by Bulgarian legislation for their use in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Smoke extract fants

They are available in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for all types of roofs. They are activated by compressed gas. Opening is ensured even in the most critical conditions of snow and wind, with an angle of 160 °. The two-point closure makes the device stable and guaranteed against accidental opening. They can be integrated with a traditional electric opening device for the needs of air exchange, thus satisfying the requirements for lighting and ventilation of the premises.

Automatic device for remote opening

Fresh air intake devices

Smoke and heat exhaust powered ventilators

Smoke extractor fan for garages and underground car parks

Smoke and fire curtains