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Quality policy of Solti Ltd

Solti Ltd. has an ISO 9001 quality management system

The customer is at the center of our actions. We take care of providing an intensive and partner exchange of information and experience in order to professionally develop products for the benefit of our customers.
Our standard is the highest quality. It is an essential factor for the competitiveness and scale of our actions. Each individual associate is responsible for achieving our quality goals. We work according to the requirements of the quality management standard ISO 9001, based on the specifics of our company, as well as the identified risks for our activities in order to achieve a safer process, avoid mistakes before they occur, control costs and continuous improvement.
The employees take responsibility for the structuring and further development of our company. As a team, we will achieve excellence and that is why we invest our whole personality. We pursue the goal, in the framework of further development, to provide employees the necessary knowledge and skills to provide responsibility and to give knowledge and free space for independent action.
We build long-term partnerships with our suppliers based on mutual trust. Together we pursue the goal of guaranteeing the quality of our products, ensuring short delivery times and high reliability.
As a manager of Solti Ltd, I declare that I am personally committed to my participation and responsibility for the implementation of the announced quality policy and for compliance with all documents governing the way to achieve high quality in the company’s actions. I am aware of the crucial importance of my management decisions for the development of Solti Ltd.
Founder and CEO:
eng. Stoyanka Polimenova