Solti Ltd. performs all activities related to fire safety – engineering of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems, design / project preparation /, testing / preliminary and control testing of fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment /, as well as practical training in fire safety and playing of evacuation plans with staff.



Solti Ltd. performs research, design, construction and maintenance of:

  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Fire alarm systems, as well as the individual elements of fire alarming;


Solti Ltd. has experienced engineers and technicians working with the latest software products, thus providing high-quality projects to its customers. The accumulated experience and the appropriate training of our team are a guarantee for the quality implementation of the projects.

Solti Ltd prepares projects:

  • on fire safety;
  • for fire alarm;
  • for firefighting;
  • for smoke extraction;
  • for passive fire protection;
  • for voice announcement;

Testing and training

Solti Ltd. performs preliminary and control tests of fire equipment (fire hoses, fire extinguishers with CO2 and stationary fire systems with semi-rigid and flat hose and components for them) for resistance to hydraulic loads. The testing is performed on the territory of Solti Ltd.
Solti Ltd performs: practical training of company employees to work with portable fire extinguishers at places specified by the contracting authority; acquaintance with different types of fires and fires; presenting different ways to control fires and playing out evacuation plans.
At the request of the clients, the activities for testing the fire extinguishers and the training for working with portable fire extinguishers can be combined.