“… Demonstrated professionalism, responsibility, and accuracy show that Solti Ltd.
is a correct and reliable contractor …”

Commander of the Navy,
Rear Admiral Rumen Nikolov

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“… The potential of Solti Ltd. is able to satisfy the needs of
firefighting equipment and its maintenance, for both small and large
companies. This is due to highly qualified and experienced staff, flexible pricing
the market, honesty, and loyalty to its partners … ”

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.
Agency for Social Assistance

Yanita Manolova

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“… During the time of our joint work with Solti Ltd., we can confidently confirm the correctness,
loyalty, and reliability of the whole range.
fire-fighting equipment and installations that we use, as in the subscription
maintenance and timely delivery … ”

Mobiltel EAD

Chavdar Georgiev
Operations Directorate

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“… we want to assure you that your future work with Solti Ltd. will grow into
fruitful and long-term cooperation … ”

Imsti Ltd.

Hristo Hristov

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“… Correctness, reliability, and compliance with deadlines, are the pillars on which
Solti Ltd. bets and over the years has achieved its establishment on the market … ”

Nurts AD

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