Fire extinguisher maintenance

“Solti” Ltd. performs service for all types of fire extinguishers, periodic inspections, maintenance and recharging of fire extinguishers of all kinds in its specialized service building. The company has all the necessary spare parts in stock in sufficient quantities, so that during the inspection and loading the non-functioning part can be replaced with a new one. For older fire extinguishers, we also repaint if necessary.

Solti Ltd. has service centers throughout the country, where technical maintenance is performed by specialists who have completed a training course at the Faculty of Fire Safety and Protection of the Population at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior and the Vocational Training Center at Solti “Ltd.

After the mandatory periodic inspection, a hydrostatic test shall be performed on the CO2 extinguishers, if necessary. For this purpose, Solti has the necessary certificate № 540/2008

The company guarantees that the technical maintenance of fire extinguishers is carried out in full compliance with the requirements of: Ordinance № 8121h-531 / 09.09.2014 “On the terms and conditions for carrying out activities to ensure fire safety at sites and / or maintenance and servicing of devices, systems and equipment related to fire safety by traders and their control ”; ISO / TS 11602-2 “Fire protection. Portable and portable fire extinguishers – Part 2: Control and maintenance “; BDS EN 3-7 “Portable fire extinguishers. Part 7: Characteristics, technical requirements and test methods’.

The fire-fighting equipment and spare parts used in the performance of the service activity meet all European norms and have all the necessary documents and certificates required by the Bulgarian legislation for their use on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Maintenance on subscription

For companies with a larger number of fire extinguishers we do subscription service with our company transport.
For information and request write to:

Solti Ltd. has been supporting the fire extinguishers of
for many years leading companies in Bulgaria, such as Nestle Bulgaria AD, Bauhaus Bulgaria
EOOD, Balkanstroy Sofia AD, Sofia Airport Center AD, Adidas Bulgaria EAD, Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, etc.