Training center

A Vocational Training Center has been established and operates at Solti Ltd, where fire safety trainings are organized.

The Center for Vocational Training conducts courses in connection with the regulatory requirements in the Republic of Bulgaria in the field of fire safety, the main directions are training under Ordinance 8121h-647 on the rules and regulations for fire safety in operation and Ordinance 8121h-1100 on licensing of companies engaged in the operation and service of firefighting equipment and facilities.

Well-chosen topics, equipped base, as well as professional lecturers from the Academy of the Ministry of Interior are used to conduct the courses, according to the topic.

The courses held at Solti Ltd, meet all the requirements set in the current regulations concerning fire safety at the sites.

Depending on the training required, the duration of the courses varies. After completing the course, the acquired knowledge and skills are certified by a document issued by the center to Solti Ltd.

Vocational Training Center at Solti Ltd has a license №201212981 and meets all legal requirements for issuing a valid document after completing the courses.