“Solti” Ltd. offers different types of signs and signs:
– Safety signs for electrical appliances;
– Signs for categorization of objects;
– Warning signs;
– Prohibiting signs;
– Mandatory signs;
– Signs for firefighting equipment;
– Signs for emergency exits and first aid;
– Evacuation plan
– Other signs and signs.
1. L – sticker (PVC foil)
2. M – aluminum substrate
3. P – polystyrene
4. All signs for emergency exits and fire-fighting equipment shall also be made of phosphorescent foil.
5. M78, M79 – galvanized sheet metal, powder coated
6. EL1 – EL29, B1, B2 – polystyrene
7. Scale 1:10
8. Non-standard orders are also executed

Obligatory signs

Prohibiting signs

Signs for firefighting equipment

Emergency exit and first aid signs

Warning signs

Safety signs for electrical appliances

Evacuation plan