Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are devices containing a fire extinguishing substance that is expelled under the influence of internal pressure and are intended for extinguishing fires in the initial stages. Depending on their purpose, fire extinguishers are subdivided into carriers (designed to be worn and serviced by hand and in a readiness to work area of ​​not more than 20 kg) and riders (designed for manual handling and handling and having a total mass , greater than 20 kg). Extinguishers shall be described by the type and quantity of the extinguishing medium they contain. At present, they are fire extinguishers: with dust; water based, including foam and liquid chemical; with carbon dioxide; with halon; with clean agent. “Salty” Ltd. offers a wide range of carrying and ride-on fire extinguishers. All our fire extinguishers comply with the standards – the portable fire extinguishers of BDS EN 3, the fire extinguishers of BDS EN 1866-1. They are intended for equipment of buildings, facilities, installations, means of transport and others.