Solti Ltd. was established in 1991 and is a market leader in trade and services providing reliable fire protection. We can offer you:

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Powder fire extinguisher, 1 kg.

The 1 kg powder fire extinguisher is widely used in cars. These fire extinguishers are mandatory for every vehicle and must be serviced once a year.

Powder fire extinguisher, 6 kg.

Powder fire extinguisher 6 kg. ABC is the most common fire extinguisher prescribed by fire safety authorities. It is suitable for all sites up to 100 m2. according to note 7 of Annex 2 to Ordinance з Iz-1971 of 29.10.2009

Fire extinguisher with carbon dioxide 5 kg.

For equipment of buildings (residential, public, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.), facilities, installations, vehicles, etc.

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Solti Ltd. is a market leader in trade and services providing reliable fire protection. In today’s world, our sector is developing extremely fast. Our goal is – with quality products and services that meet Bulgarian and European standards, to reach every company, kindergarten, school, university, hotel, restaurant and others, because the benefit of our products is human safety. We guarantee the correctness and quality of our products and services. Our efforts are aimed at consolidating international markets, continuously improving the services and solutions offered in the field of firefighting and security and meeting the needs of society and industry for greater safety, development and prosperity.

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