Company Profile

Solti Ltd was established in 1991 and is a leader in the market of goods and services providing reliable fire protection. It specializes in: import and trade of fire equipment, all kinds of fire extinguishers; fire hoses; fire extinguishing powders and foaming agents; fire cranes, jets, splicers, stalk connectors and changers; fireboxes, boards and cabinets; fire hydrants and waterpumps; stairs; fire blankets; fire-fighting foam equipment; fire-fighting equipment for dust; baffles (monitors); all necessary components for the construction of fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems; evacuation lighting; products for passive fire protection; smoke hatches and fire curtains; fire-fighting equipment, clothing and equipment for firefighters; Personal protective equipment; all types of signboards and signs; vehicle equipment kits; equipment for service of fire extinguishers and oilfields; emergency marking and signaling; industrial gas valves; ventilators for dehumidification, supply, installation and installation of metal and glass, single- and double-wing fire doors, holding permits for EI up to 120 min; accessories, maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishers, maintenance and servicing of internal fire cranes, design, construction, service and subscription maintenance of fire extinguishing systems with: “NOVEC 1230”, HFC 125, FM 200; CO2 and other inert gases, design, construction, service and subscription maintenance of fire alarm systems and voice announcement systems, production of fire cassettes, cabinets and cabinets for external and internal firefighting equipment, preparation of orders and documents for ensuring fire safety during operation of the objects according to Ordinance № 8121h-647, practical training in fire safety of the personnel for handling of fire-fighting equipment at places specified by the assignor; presentation of various means of controlling the occurrence of firefights, evacuation of staff evacuation plans, provision of on-site duty during events, etc.

Solti Ltd ensures that the maintenance of fire extinguishers, internal fire cranes, fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems is carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the country. Fire safety equipment provided by the company meets all European standards and has all the necessary documents and the certificates required by the Bulgarian legislation for their use on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Center for Vocational Training has been set up and operates in Solti Ltd, where fire safety training is carried out. For the prompt and high quality service to its customers, Solti Ltd has company stores, extensive warehouse and own freight transport. Prices are competitive, for regular customers and for larger quantities discounts are provided.